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        Press Release:

        Melb: Australia Day 2008 ? The Steam Tug Wattle, Australia's only fully commissioned and locally built steam tug, will lead the Tall Ships in this years Australia Day 'sail past' in Port Phillip Bay.

        You can see James Craig and Windeward Bound under sail as they participate, along with Victoria's own Tall Ship Enterprize and the steam tug Wattle in an official Australia Day 'sail past' across Port Phillip Bay.

        The ships will be sailing from Sandringham to Williamstown, between 10.30am and 11.30am, with many excellent vantage points along the coast, including St Kilda, Port Melbourne, then off Point Gellibrand at around 12.30pm. ?? It is anticipated that Tasmania's largest Tall Ship, the brigantine Windeward Bound will also join the event.

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        * The S.T Wattle is currently being fully refurbished to ensure you have an unforgettable Wattle experience.

        Due for completion in April 08, the refurbished ST Wattle will be cruising the Yarra from May 08.

        So please make your enquiry now so that we can guarantee your booking.


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